We are the Wallace Warriors

The Warriors are the junior section of Stirling Bike Club for boys and girls aged 8-17.

Who we are

The Wallace Warriors are the junior section of Stirling Bike Club for boys and girls aged 8-17. The club has British Cycling’s Go Ride accreditation and Clubsport Stirling’s charter club status.

This means we have appropriate policies & procedures in place for the children to have a safe and rewarding experience.

It is our team of experienced British Cycling qualified coaches, who have completed child protection training, first aid training, and have Disclosure Scotland PVG checks, who deliver the sessions.


In various locations around Stirling, contact warriors@stirlingbikeclub.org.uk for further information.

What does the coaching entail?

Sessions for the younger/less experienced Warriors are all OFF-ROAD and mostly involve games and exercises to develop handling/race skills and cycle fitness. It’s all meant to be fun and introduce children to cycling as a sport rather than just a pastime or means of transport.

As their endurance and Skill levels improve the sessions progress to getting out at the weekends for longer more challenging off road rides (for the mountain bikers) and longer more challenging road rides (for the road bikere) in and around Stirling to help develop their skills 

Activities are fun, exciting and challenging for newcomers and more experienced riders alike. Young people will learn essential cycling skills that will make them safer, better and faster than their friends.

Progression through the coaching levels is based on ability with is carried out as required to help ensure your Warrior is continually developing their bike skills and having fun.

More details on the activities delivered to the children and the ability levels of the coaching groups can be found by clicking on the Skill Levels button below.

Skill Levels


Every Thursday, Sign on from 18:45 (registration and sign on is now paperless via Spond). Coaching starts 19:00-20.15.

How do I Join in?

We are pleased to announce that the Waiting List for the Wallace Warriors is OPEN.

If you are 8 or older and interested in attending SBC Wallace Warriors coaching sessions please contact: warriors@stirlingbikeclub.org.uk.

If you are 6 or 7 you may have to wait until you are 8 years old to start. If you are 8 - 17 you should be able to start within a couple of months.

If you are a youth A-B road rider or teenage MTB rider with competition experience who has moved into the area you may be able to start immediately.

Sign up/register with Spond here.

If you have been requested to join the waiting list please select the WARRIOR WAITING LIST option on the Spond page

There is no requirement for parents or guardians to sign up as members UNLESS you want to be involved as parent helpers or coaches.

Communicating with Members

The Warriors now use an automated text alert service which will mainly be used to text everyone to let them know if a training session has to be cancelled due to bad weather, so please make sure the contact number we have for you is an up to date one. Up to date details about the weekly sessions and any awayday sessions will also be on Spond - so keep an eye out for them.

Official Club Name

To clear up any confusion as to what to write when signing on at races the name to put on the entry form should be:

"Stirling Bike Club"

Some have been putting down Wallace Warriors/Stirling/Stirling BC - all okay but if there is a mix can lead to some confusion!

Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

To make sure everybody has a safe and fun time we have adopted these codes of conduct

Wallace Warriors code of conduct for children and young people

Wallace Warriors code of conduct for parents and carers

Code of conduct for Coaches

SBC's Anti-Bullying Policy - this has been adopted from Scottish Cycling's policy

Child Protection Guidance

Scottish Cycling require that all club members and parents have advisory information outlining good practice and advice what to do if they have concerns about the behaviour of an adult toward a young person.

Good Practice Guidance Documents

What to do if you have concerns about the behaviour of an adult toward a young person

You can:

  • Speak to a SBC Wallace Warriors Club Coach
  • Contact the SBC Welfare Officer - Sally Baillie, welfare@stirlingbikeclub.org.uk
  • Call Parent Line Scotland 08000 28 22 33
    Call Childline 0800 1111

In an Emergency:

  • Call the out of hours British Cycling Compliance Officer Simon Thornton: 0161 274 2002
  • Where there is concern that parents are responsible for the abuse or that parents may not respond to the situation appropriately then advice must be sought from the local Social Work department or Police
  • Stirling Council Social Work department: 0845 277 7000 answered 24/7
  • Policecall 101
  • If a child is in immediate risk of harm call 999
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