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Club MTB rides - a new attempt and approach 20 Nov 2019 22:18 #16835

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The AGM had a record turnout last night and my proposal ended up more of a chat - thanks to those who did turn up and listen - hopefully it was sounding interesting.

For those who didn't manage to listen to my amazingly great proposal, I've tried to summarise it below -
  • We would like to restart a regular weekly evening MTB ride - open to everyone - and to begin with, it is likely to be a small number of people, but hopefully it will grow.
  • If it does grow, it is likely to separate into more rides being done (which will be great), and hopefully will be able to cater for all skills levels.
  • The rides are just that - bike rides with like-minded people, starting at the same time each week - current thinking is a Wednesday evening at 19:00.
  • We aren't looking to reinvent the wheel, we are just looking to get the MTB rides back on the calendar and attended.

We aren't expecting this to be magically fixed in a couple of weeks - personally, I think we won't know for certain if this has succeeded for about 2 years. We are also aware that there are plenty people who already MTB regularly - we aren't suggestion that that stops, we want to have something signposted that everyone knows about and can turn up for. Ideally some of the regular mountain bikers will also join these as well as their other rides they do.

That is it in a nutshell - it is isn't massively complicated, but we do have a difference to previous attempts.

Rather than an individual as the MTB rep (which will now be the Offroad rep), there is a small group of people who are very keen on making this work, and we will be working to get this running and a success. This means the 'job' isn't down to just 1 person, but a collective and we hope this will help encourage others to make this a regular ride. The club committee will be kept informed of progress and news, but it may not be done by the same person each time (as we have a small group doing this rather than 1 person).

It would be great to see people out on the bike rides - the upcoming weekly evening rides and the existing Saturday rides. As time progresses, we'll no doubt increase the ride offerings and no doubt get some weekend trips arranged as well.

One of the ideas I had - talking to some of the road cyclists last night - was to try and arrange a come-and-try day somewhere that hires bikes - potentially Callander Estate. The trails there aren't technical and can be ridden in all weathers (an, there is also a bike shop that hires bikes, so if there were some road riders who fancied giving it a bash but don't have a suitable bike - we may be able to get a deal on a bulk bike hire from the shop. Date for this is still to be confirmed, but it will be posted on the forum and an email round the membership will be sent closer to the time.

There are also plenty people who prefer gravel or CX rides. I hadn't factored those in on my ideas last night but I'd propose that once we got the MTB rides working, we could use that as a template for gravel or cx organised rides as well (at the risk of making myself sound like a real idiot - CX session is well underway just now so perhaps we could have something in place before the start of next session!).

This group is open for anyone's feedback and suggestions, so if you do have ideas that you think could help, then please let us know. This will take time and effort to get going, but we do believe this can work, so let us know your thoughts and we can add them to the pile we already have to work through and plan with.

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